Moi-Moi Recipe


Moimoi or Moinmoin, also known as Steamed Bean Pudding is a Nigerian bean delicacy. Moimoi is made with either brown beans, black eyed beans or lentils. Moimoi can be cooked or oven steamed, though the hob steamed method is much more popular than the oven steamed Moimoi.


3 Cups Brown/Black Eyed Beans

Banana Leaves or Any Choice Containers for Steaming..

2 cooking Spoon Vegetable / Sunflower Oil

2 cooking Spoon Palm Oil

1 Cup Chicken Stock ( Optional)

2 Bell pepper (Tatashe) or Shombo

1 Onion

1 Atarodo (Scotch Bonnet)

3 Tablespoons Ground Crayfish

1 Small Boiled or Smoked Mackerel (Titus)

Smoked or Raw Prawns/ Corned Beef (Optional)

4 Boiled Eggs

2 Bouillon Cubes

Salt to taste


  • Firstly, soak your beans then peel off the skin. To make the peeling faster and easier, soak the beans for 10 minutes then, using the pulse function on your jug blender, pulse a few times. This will cause each bean to split and the skin to fall off. Then pour in a bowl and complete peeling by hand.
  • Now, you’ll need to blend the Beans. Blend with peppers, onion, an egg and ginger till smooth. The texture of your blend should be very fine and frothy, with absolutely no lumps.
  • Pour contents into a bowl. Now, you’ll need to incorporate air into your Moimoi batter to make it fluffy and light. It’s advisable to use a stand or hand mixer for this, but if you haven’t got a mixer, you can use a wooden spoon. Mix for 8 minutes thereabouts.
  • Melt the palm oil in your microwave or on a hob if you’re using any, leave to cool, then add to the batter, also add the vegetable Oil.
  •  Mix thoroughly, then add the bouillon cube, crayfish and salt to taste. Also add stock/water, your Moimoi batter should not be thick or you’ll end up with hard Moimoi, the consistency should be semi fluid but definitely not watery. Mix your batter once again with your hand mixer for 5 minutes, this is so the condiments and oil are well incorporated.
  • After mixing, shred the smoked/ boiled mackerel and add.
  • Wash your leaves if using any, wash with a light foam sponge and salt to remove dirt and debris, then cut off the stalks.
  • Fold your leaf in doubles, then scoop 2 cooking spoonful's of batter into the folded leaves, add the boiled egg; either whole or half or as you desire, then fold over.
  • Repeat the same process with the remaining batter till exhausted.
  • Arrange the wrapped Moimoi in a steamer. If you haven’t got one, line a big pot with the stalks from the leaves, add a few leaves also, this is to prevent the Moimoi from sticking to the pot and also keep water from seeping into your Moimoi. Lift the leaves and pour some water in the pot to steam the Moimoi with.
  • Now, place the Moimoi on the leaves, cover tightly with a lid and steam for 40-50 minutes on medium heat or until it sets. Do remember to check every now and them and top up with water if necessary.
  • If you’re not using leaves, it’s basically the same process as using plastic bags, plastic containers or foil. Just scoop the batter in your choice container, place in your steamer and steam for 40-50 minutes. If you haven’t got a steamer, pour water into a pot and steam. Remember not to submerge the Moimoi in water.

And it’s done! Enjoy with Pap, Garri, Eko, Custard, Oatmeal or with Jollof or Fried Rice.

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